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Talent Strategy

Competitiveness of enterprises, is the product of competition, technological competition, market competition, the final competition of talents.T-MAX technology has been "is the wealth of talent, talent that is effective, talent is the competitive edge" concept to attract talent, a "properly utilized, can make the best use, and continuously improve the level of human resources management" of the employment system, continue to strengthen "the basis of quality, professional skills, management ability, "the training management system, to create an" open, fair and just "work environment and career stage, in order to achieve self-worth and human resources staff in various positions within the company the optimal allocation of human resources development for the company, management and rational use of, the establishment of high quality, efficient staff.

Company payroll system in a fair, competitive, incentive, economy, the principle of legality. Reasonable wage gap opened, and establish channels for a variety of salary increase. Provide good benefits as an important supplement to salary income, according to the different performance of labor contracts and vary by age.

1. Social insurance

Basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, industrial accident insurance for staff, provide effective protection of life

2. Learning opportunities 
Regular and irregular companies to provide training to each employee the opportunity to study and improvement.

3. annual physical examination subsidies 
To protect the health of employees, the company annually to all employees free to organize a medical examination.

4 . Staff activities

The company will be based on the actual situation, from time to time organize people to go out to play

5 . Performance management 
The adoption of a classified staff positions for different ways to implement different performance management programs. Through performance management, clear guidance department and staff, promote staff development, to ensure that individuals, departments, and corporate performance goals, improve and enhance employee performance, while giving employees and their contribution to the corresponding incentives. Employee performance management results as ascending, descending, go, stay and reward, punishment is based, included in staff files.

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